Military Connected Students

Who are Military-Connected Students?

Military-connected students are: children in TK-12 schools, and young adults in Trade Schools, or Institutions of Higher Education (2 or 4-year schools) that are official dependents of a Military Service member. A military-connected student has one degree of separation from their military sponsor; the connection may be biological, because of adoption, through foster parenting, or with in loco parentis authorization.

Adapted from Military Child Education Coalition

Military-connected students face the following challenges:

  • Separations from a parent or caregiver due to deployments;

  • High mobility rates – active duty families move every two to three years (This is approximately three times more often than the civilian population. Students often experience six to nine moves during their TK-12 school education);

  • Academic and social challenges attributed to frequent school changes, deployment of a parent(s), return of a deployed parent, injury to or death of a parent, etc.;

  • Difficulties qualifying for, receiving, or continuing special needs services due to differences in regulation interpretations, testing required to enroll in or receive special needs services, and resource availability in school districts;

  • Understanding and interpreting new school regulations and policies;

  • Elevated stress – making new friends and finding a new peer group in a new school; adjustment to a new school, community, and home; At-risk for depression and anxiety due to relocation, deployment of a parent(s), etc.; and,

  • Adjusting to curriculum and instructional methods or school climate/culture that may differ from school to school.

Adapted from Military Child Education Coalition

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