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San Antonio Union School District

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The San Antonio Union Elementary School District (SAUESD) is a small, rural, one school district located in South Monterey County approximately 25 miles from any services.  San Antonio Elementary School and the District are located on the same site and serve approximately 170 students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

SAUESD is a unique district as it has a large geographic area with a small, scattered population. It is the largest district, geographically, in Monterey County.

The majority of the students are transported to the school site/district located in the middle of farms, ranches, vineyards and mountain areas. There are a number of mobile home parks in the area, which contain between 20 and 40 housing units each as well as a small Army base, Ft. Hunter Liggett- 6 miles from the school site, which is used as a training facility for all branches of the armed services.  Ft. Hunter Liggett has approximately 80 housing units that are used by active duty soldiers, officers, employees of the Department of Forestry and other government employees.  California Mission San Antonio is located adjacent to Ft. Hunter Liggett, and San Antonio Lake, a State Recreational Area, which is within 10 miles of the school/district site.