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SAUSD staff in front of school building
man and woman handshake


Our Vision


The San Antonio Union School District strives to provide a strong foundation for students to be productive members of society, able to navigate life with a pioneering spirit by stretching boundaries and extending horizons for themselves and future generations.


Our Story

Lockwood, California was named in honor of Belva Lockwood.  Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood was an American attorney, politician, educator, and author.  She was active in working for women's rights, including women's suffrage, and also was one of the first women to run for President of the United States, both in 1884 and 1888.

Belva Lockwood's pioneering spirit lives on in the students and staff of the San Antonio Union School District.  We witness this spirit through our critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, innovative practices, risk-taking, self-direction, information literacy, and technology competencies.  Our teachers have been tasked to develop Future Ready skills in our students and they demonstrate those skills daily.  Staff fearlessly take on the unique challenges of a rural school with active problem-solving, support towards one another, working together to encourage students, and tirelessly striving to meet the needs of our diverse community.  The community, in turn, supports the school district by volunteering, donating needed supplies, participating in committee work, and encouraging our Wildcats in all realms. 

Being a Wildcat is so much more than merely having school spirit.  Being a Wildcat is about being honest and respectful to all of your peers.  It's about doing the right thing and always being willing to help others in need  Our Wildcat family goes above and beyond the call of duty.  Our Wildcat family dreams big, and even though we come from a small rural school district, our Wildcat pride extends beyond boundaries.  To be a Wildcat is to be #Allin.  To be a Wildcat is to be #Allin.  To be a Wildcat is to be you.  The best you that you can ever be.  #Wildcatstrong #Wildcatfamily.